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Emergency Dentist in Garden City

Dental emergencies do not fire a warning shot. A sudden tooth loss, chipped front teeth or sudden swollen jaws or gums need immediate dental assistance. Because, dental emergencies can happen anytime and anywhere.

What's the Need for an Emergency Dentist in Garden City?

Even if you take all the care needed for your teeth, you may find yourself seeking an emergency dentist in Garden City, so you should plan ahead and make sure your family dentist provides emergency care too. If you live in Garden City, you can find some of the best emergency dentists, like Dr. Robert M Peskin, who render 24-hour service.

7 Common Emergency Dental Issue and Solutions:

  1. Injured Teeth:
  2. Any kind of discomfort and pain in the tooth is a tooth injury. If the impact of the injury loosens the tooth or just moves the tooth from its normal place it can cause a lot of pain and this trauma needs immediate help. The dentist will restore the tooth and save the tooth from further deterioration.

  3. Unbearable Pain:
  4. A severe toothache cannot be ignored as it leads to decay and infections. Do not try over the counter painkillers. Instead reach out to an emergency dentist near you, who will address the severity of the pain and treat accordingly.

  5. Loss of Crowns, Fillings, and Bridges:
  6. Crowns, fillings, and bridges usually fall-off and this can happen to anyone. Once the filling is lost, you should visit an emergency dentist as they will help to restore the tooth, provide dental crowns treatment in Garden City, and prevent further damage.

  7. Chipped, Broken, and Cracked teeth:
  8. Sudden chipping, cracking, and breaking of teeth is considered a serious issue and needs immediate help. It can cause bacterial infection in the inner chambers. So contact your emergency dentist immediately and get advice.

  9. Broken Braces:
  10. If your braces are impaired or loose or broken, it can scrape your gums, tongue, and cheeks causing more damage. Relief in the form of proper repair can be provided by emergency dental care.

  11. Knocked-Out Tooth:
  12. If a knocked-out tooth is not taken care of immediately then you will lose the tooth entirely. It can be re-fixed to its socket inside two hours. So, rush to your nearest emergency dentist in Garden City.

  13. Dental Abscess:
  14. If you notice sudden pus formation or any kind of swelling then it indicates abscess. This is an infection that attacks the teeth and gum area and will spread to the surrounding tissues and to the rest of the body. Visit your emergency dentist near you for remedy.


Contact Robert M Peskin DDS in Garden City for your emergency dental needs if any arises. Get prompt treatment for emergency dental issues immediately. For more information call us at 516-746-2434 and schedule an appointment today.

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