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Teeth Whitening in Garden City

White teeth not only ornament your smile and make you look appealing, but also is ideal for good oral hygiene. Often exposure to harmful chemicals in various food substances lead to stains in the teeth.

Why Choose Teeth Whitening Treatment in Garden City?

It is therefore important to take care of your teeth especially by availing professional teeth whitening services offered by dental experts like Dr. Robert M Peskin. It helps lighten the teeth which have turned yellowish over time by transforming the color of enamel, intrinsically or extrinsically. There are some great teeth whitening services options by our cosmetic dentistry in Garden City.

Different Teeth Whitening Methods Offered by Our Garden City Cosmetic Dentist:

  1. Home Remedies:
  2. There are a number of ways you could try out yourselves at home by mixing up different products on your teeth. However, this takes a lot of effort and time and often takes weeks to get initial results.

  3. OTC Products:
  4. On the other hand, you could also try OTC or over-the-counter teeth whitening gels which might not be the safest option to go for. However, teeth whitening from a professional clinic under the expertise of a skilled cosmetic dentist in Garden City, like Robert M Peskin DDS, are safe as well as more effective.

4 Reasons Why Teeth Whitening in Garden City Are Something You Should Go For:

  1. See Immediate Results:
  2. Teeth whitening under the supervision of a specialist like Robert M Peskin DDS are more effective when compared to OTC products. Interestingly, by visiting a dentist, you are also ensured to see immediate results after just a few appointments unlike other teeth whitening techniques which might take weeks and at times even months.

  3. Better Smile:
  4. Teeth whitening comes with a naturally better and beautiful smile that can give you the perfect smile you always wanted. Teeth whitening ensure that the glow in your smile remains intact.

  5. Overall Oral Hygiene:
  6. Teeth whitening services around Garden City also helps you with other tips and best practices that can ensure a good oral hygiene overall. This provides a holistic solution and treats the root cause of the problem.

  7. Safety:
  8. The bleaching agents in OTC products mostly contain chemicals which are not good for teeth. By visiting a cosmetic dentist in Garden City, you ensure you are in safe hands which can prevent discoloration of your teeth as well as protect them.


There are a wide number of clinics that offer teeth whitening services around Garden City. Do some research before booking an appointment for teeth whitening treatment? Contact Dr. Robert M Peskin at 516-746-2434 to avail the best teeth whitening in Garden City.

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