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5 Reasons You Need to See the Dentist Regularly

5 Reasons You Need to See the Dentist Regularly

Nearly 3.5 billion people worldwide suffer from oral problems, according to the WHO Global Oral Health Status Report (2022). In most cases, oral health problems can be avoided and treated if caught early on. But most of us are either too scared or too lethargic to follow up on our dental appointments. In our previous blog, we have explained 5 procedures of cosmetic dentistry by a pediatric dentist in Garden City. However, read along to know the 5 reasons to visit the dentist regularly.

Why Are Regular Dental Checkups Important?

Regular dental checkups are important for many reasons. They can help detect oral health problems early, keep your smile healthy and at its best. Routine checkup can help you avoid costly dental treatments down the road, says Dr. Robert Peskin, dentist in Garden City. Here are some additional benefits of it.

5 Reasons to Visit a Dentist Near You in Garden City Regularly:

  1. To Prevent Gum Disease:

    Damage to the gums and bone that support your teeth are a result of gum diseases. These occur when plaque is not removed from your teeth, causing the gums to become inflamed. If left untreated, it can lead to major problems like tooth loss. Regular dental cleanings can remove plaque before it leads to gum disease.

  2. To Prevent Cavities:

    Cavities occur when tooth enamel is damaged by acids that come from plaque. Plaque is a foul buildup of germs, food particles, and saliva. When plaque is not removed through regular brushing, it can harden and become tartar. Tartar can damage teeth and lead to cavities. Regular dental cleanings with pediatric dentists in Garden City can remove plaque and tartar before they cause cavities.

  3. To Detect Oral Health Problems Early:

    Regular dental checkups give your dentist a chance to detect oral health problems in their early stages when they can be most easily treated. For example, your dentist may be able to spot signs of oral cancer during a routine examination. Catching oral health problems early can save your life.

  4. To Keep Your Smile Healthy and to Look Its Best:

    Smiles are one of the first features noticed by others, so you want to make sure you look your best! Brushing and flossing at home are essential for keeping your smile healthy, but they aren't enough. A professional can help with cosmetic dentistry in Garden City. In addition, regular checkups give your dentist a chance to spot any concerns with your teeth or gums before they become serious problems.

  5. To Save Money:

    Regular dental checkups can save money in the long run by preventing costly dental treatments down the road. For example, if gum disease is caught in its early stages, you may be able to avoid costly periodontal treatment. So, don't wait until you have an unbearable ache to see a dentist - regular checkups can keep you healthy and looking your best!


We hope this has convinced you of the importance of regular dental checkups! Seeing a dentist regularly is essential for maintaining good oral health, especially for kids. If you are seeking a kids dentist in Garden City, consult a pediatric dentist at Dr. Robert M Peskin's Clinic. Don't wait to schedule regular checkups with your dentist today!

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